Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Indoor Snow

Lately it has been so bitter cold, we haven't been able to play outside in the snow.  So instead of staring out the window wistfully, I brought the snow inside!  I filled a big container (I used a foil turkey roaster) with snow and then let Eva go to town in it with a bunch of kitchen utensils.  I think we will be doing this every day- it was such a hit!
I put a blanket down to catch any snow that jumped out of the pan.  After a few minutes Eva asked for her mittens and dove right back in.  Lots of fun and minimal mess!


  1. Great minds think alike! We did this in the bathtub today! Such fun.

  2. Man! I can't beleive I hadn't thought of that! I wish I'd have found your site about a week ago -- we've had crazy snow around here. And I've tried, really, really tried to fight the cold and take my little man out in it, but every time we'd wait until the baby had just laid down for a nap and spend fifteen minutes bundling up in layers and layers of boots and hats only to go out to five minutes and realize it was too cold to be any fun. I will definitely do this if we have another snow like that!