Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mitten Prints

We dug out a few of Eva's outgrown mittens for this fun craft.  First, Eva chose three different paint colors- pink, purple and turquoise- and I poured a little of each on small plates.  Eva then pulled on a mitten, dipped her hand in the paint and stamped onto a sheet of paper.
Such fun!
We sang a favorite winter song while painting too:
The Mitten Song
Thumb in the thumb hole,
Fingers all together
This is the song 
We sing in mitten weather!


  1. That is a great idea! I've got some outgrown gloves I can't donate because they are not a pair...adding this to my to-do list, thanks!

  2. I think we can definitely do this one! Grammy bought way too many mittens! Kerri

  3. Great idea for a winter art project! Thanks for all the activities you share! I think your blog is fabulous and gave you an award at

  4. This is also a great idea for kids who might be resistant to getting their hands messy due to sensory issues.