Saturday, January 1, 2011

Let's Explore the World

Happy New Year!
We are heading out of the lounge and into the wild and wonderful world this year!  Each month we will focus on a different continent and/or country.  There will be weekly themes built into each unit, along with a monthly sensory bin and a science unit.  It is going to be a fantastic adventure and we are excited to bring all of you along with us.

To kick off our travels, we made a passport and suitcase.  As we visit each new place, Eva will get a stamp in her passport.  In her suitcase is a map of the world (I found the printable here and added the names of the countries we will be learning about).  She will color in each locale as we visit it.
(The suitcase is a box Eva got for Christmas turned inside out- we'll put stickers on it like old-timey suitcases as we visit each new land.)
We read Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney to introduce us to maps and their uses.
Me on the Map (Dragonfly Books)
Santa brought Eva her first globe that will come in handy as we explore new lands and we have hung up a big map of the world to guide our travels.

Be sure to stop back to tomorrow as we begin our voyage starting in Antarctica- better pack some mittens!


  1. What a wonderful adventure to begin! I was thinking you could include travel tickets in an envelope to introduce each new place too:)

  2. Thanks Deborah! That's a great idea!