Wednesday, January 19, 2011

stART- Diamond in the Snow

Diamond in the Snow
We found this adorable book, Diamond in the Snow by Jonathan Emmett, at the library today and it's an instant favorite.  It's the story of a little mole who awakens mid-winter to find his woodland covered in snow.  While out exploring he discovers a diamond and he is amazed by it as it changes like magic within his hands.  His woodland friends explain that it actually an icicle and show him a big tree covered with tons of icicles.  That tree inspired our craft.
We started out by making a tree.  Eva cut strips of brown paper and glued them onto a sheet of blue.
(She was singing to herself while cutting- love it!)
Then she squirted blobs of white glue along the branches.
To make the icicles, Eva tipped the paper and watched as the glue ran down the page.  When it looked like icicles she set the paper back down.
Then came the fun part- glitter!  She sprinkled glitter all over the glue and then we set the picture aside to dry.
Once dry we hung it up and admired the beautiful, diamond-like icicles.
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  1. Oh this is very pretty! And very cute! I love it! I love the idea of making the glue run! Lovely lovely!

    Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty and sharing your idea!


  2. oo very cute!! I love how this turned out!

  3. Great project! Love it! Will check out the book too! Kerri

  4. Hi Kara! Oh Eva is a very talented cutie pie:) And you both have such beautiful names! Oh and btw we just updated the coding for disabling right click on your blog, so you can go back now and check it out:) Have a great day!

  5. That looks like a ton of fun. Great way to use that runny glue to your advantage.

  6. I even like them without glitter! :) Thanks for adding this in the last week's High paw linky! Hope to see more great ideas added this week too! :)

  7. Catching up on reading tonight! Starred so many of your posts in google reader that I just had to hop over and comment on at least one! Those icicles are so cute. Great idea.