Monday, January 31, 2011

February: Asia-China

We are saying goodbye to the cold and snow of the Arctic and heading over to Asia.  Our first stop in Asia will be the big and beautiful country of China.

Here is how the month will look:

February Theme:  China

Weekly Themes:  
              *  Chinese New Year
              *  Building and Construction
              *  Mountain Life

              *  Valentine's Day (okay this has nothing to do with China but we can't ignore it!)

Science Unit:  Tools


It's Cool to Learn About Countries: China (Social Studies Explorer) China in Colors (A+ Books) China (A World of Food) Orange Peel's Pocket Lin Yi's Lantern Thanking the Moon: Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival The King and the Seed Boy Dumplings The Story about Ping (Reading Railroad Books) Food in China (Food Around the World) Welcome to China (Welcome to the World) Zen Shorts (Collector's Edition) (Zen) [Hardcover]

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  1. Remind me when we see you to show Eva my Chinese yuan from our trip to China a few years ago.