Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reindeer Feed

It takes a lot of energy for reindeer to fly all over the world on Christmas Eve so today we whipped up a snack for them when they stop at our house.  We mixed together some oats, bread crumbs, diced carrots and apples along with some fresh parsley in a container.   (Basically, throw together anything animal-friendly that you have around the house!)
Cover it, shake it up and put aside for Christmas Eve.
(Notice the sticker on her nose?  Ever since she got to dress up like Rudolph at dance- picture above- she has been finding red stickers to put on her nose so that she can be special just like Rudolph.)
We will be sprinkling the feed on the lawn before going to bed so that the reindeer have something to snack on while Santa is busy delivering our gifts.