Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's Christmas Time!

We are in the home stretch- it's Christmas week!  We'll be finishing up some of the things we didn't get to last week and trying to squeeze in a few more holiday activities before the big day arrives.

Laced Stocking- this will be Eva's first attempt at lacing- we'll see how it goes!

Hand and Footprint Reindeer- Eva's little prints will be transformed into an antlered friend

Cotton Ball Santa- how many cotton ball will we need to make Santa's fluffy white beard?

Bow Sorting- we'll have fun finding various ways to sort our big collection of gift bows

Jingle Bell Rock- it's not the holidays without some music- we'll have our own Christmas dance party

Reindeer Feed- this snack isn't for us but rather for Santa's hoofed helpers

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  1. Great ideas! How do you make reindeer feed?