Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pine Trees and Poinsettias

We are getting into the holiday spirit this week and focusing on pine trees and poinsettias!

Pipe Cleaner Pine Tree- we'll use pipe cleaners and beads to create a festive tree

Pine Cone Tree- the evergreen's cone will be transformed into a snowy tree

Poinsettias- we'll make a paper flower and another out of ribbon

Popsicle Stick Tree- this ornament is quick and easy to make using just popsicle sticks, glue and gems

Pasta Garland- Eva will string pasta to make a fancy garland for her little tree

Snowy Pine Tree Pizza- we'll have a yummy pizza dinner one night this week

Outdoor Christmas Tree- the animals will be able to celebrate the holidays too when we get done decorating a tree in the woods for them

Conservatory Field Trip- while we are visiting the woods we'll stop by the park conservatory to check out the winter flowers, especially the poinsettias

Christmas Tree Magnets- Eva's Grammy found her a fun magnetic Christmas tree for her to decorate and redecorate as she chooses

Trimming the Tree- Eva has her own little tree that she will be able to decorate

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  1. Thanks! It was our runner-up Christmas card picture last year.

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