Monday, December 13, 2010

We made a lady cry today

In a good way.
Earlier I posted about Eva's Advent Calendar in which she discovers a new activity to do each day.  Some of the activities are all about her- baking cookies, watching a Christmas movie, visiting Santa- but others are to teach her the true meaning of Christmas- giving to others.
Today's was one of those activities- give a candy cane to those who help you.
Monday is our big errand day.  We go grocery shopping, hit the craft store and usually stop somewhere for lunch.  Before heading out I filled a small gift bag with mini candy canes and told Eva she was to give one to anyone who helped us today and to wish them a Merry Christmas.  Never would I have imagined how she would take this role to heart.  I'm glad I gave her a bunch because everyone we met got a candy cane.  Eva had a sixth sense as to who was working hard through this crazy shopping season.  The ladies who cut our fabric each got one, the lady at the deli counter got one, the man collecting carts got one.  She gave one to each cashier we met too.
It was one of those cashiers that was brought to tears.  She told me she had been working in retail for over 20 years and no one had ever given her anything.  We had made her day.
It made my day too.  Seeing my little girl being so kind and sweet and generous.  Seeing the surprise and smiles one little gesture could illicit is what this season is all about.
This is a crazy time of year and it is very easy to get lost in our own busy lives.  Today made me stop and look around at all the people who barely get a glance from us as we bustle through life.
I set out to teach my daughter something but I was the one who was enlightened.


  1. It's amazing what children teach us every day of our lives... if we are listening.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. What a great thing to do.

  3. Hi, Kara! I love this! What a beautiful thing to do. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Thanks Stacie! I hope you and your family have a great Christmas as well!