Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pine Cone Trees

This is a super easy craft to make.  We have a big bag of pine cones from Eva's grandparents' house so we found a few that looked like trees and Eva painted them with glue.
Then came the fun part- adding glitter!  I placed some red and green glitter in a salt shaker and Eva went to town sprinkling the trees.
We let them dry and then placed them on our window sill.  You could also add ribbon or yarn and turn them into ornaments for your tree.


  1. That is so cute. Love this craft. I am thinking it might be neat to find something that could be sprinkled that would add white to them to look like snow! Great to add to play things for making winter scenes.

  2. Thanks Abbie! I tried shredding up cotton balls to make snow but it just didn't look right. Maybe some of that shredded plastic "snow" or pearl/white glitter would work.