Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beaded Ornaments and Pine Tree Pizza

We made two beaded ornaments today.  The first is a candy cane.  For this one Eva sorted out red and white beads from our bead bucket and slid them on a pipe cleaner.
When she filled the whole thing, I bent it like a candy cane.  The other ornament she made was a tree.  I cut various lengths of green pipe cleaner and twisted them onto a brown one and then Eva added beads for ornaments.
I think they look great on our tree!
For dinner tonight Eva had a pine tree pizza.  I cut the tree shape out of a whole wheat tortilla and topped it with homemade spinach pesto.  Then Eva added snow (mozzarella), garland (onions) and ornaments (sliced cherry tomatoes).
Tasty and festive!
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  1. Great ideas - I especially love the little pizza tree - how cute :-)

  2. Love your beaded ornaments and that piaaz would be a cool Christmas Eve dinner, thanks :-)

  3. Love the pizza! It's adorable and I bet it tasted great too.

  4. Thanks everyone! The pizza was really good- spinach pesto is super yummy and a great way to sneak in some green veggies!