Thursday, November 18, 2010

stART- A Plump and Perky Turkey

A Plump and Perky Turkey
In Teresa Bateman's A Plump and Perky Turkey the turkeys have finally wised up to Thanksgiving and have made themselves scarce.  The townspeople want a plump turkey for their dinner so they try to trick a turkey into returning to town to model for, and then judge, a turkey art contest.  The people make turkeys out of all sorts of materials- soap, oatmeal, rope and more.  Will their plan work or will the turkeys outsmart them once again?
Eva loved seeing the turkeys made of so many different things so I asked her what she would make her turkey out of.  She chose ribbon so we cut strips of various ribbon I had around.  We also used two brown paper circles, some orange scraps and googly eyes.  To start, I put a dab of glue on the end of each ribbon and Eva formed a loop.  (It turned out that white glue only held non-silky ribbon together so I ended up using glue dots on the rest.)
(Don't mind the Halloween jammies- we are celebrating my birthday today with a jammie day and Eva wanted to wear footed ones.)
Then Eva put her turkey together tucking the ribbons under the body.
To finish the picture I wrote "T is for turkey" along the bottom.  I also added a dot under each word so that Eva could point and read it.
What would you make your turkey out of?


  1. The ribbons remind me of a Taggie JDaniel had when he was a baby.

  2. This is SO darling! I am just about to write a post about what we did with this book, too!!! I love the ribbon turkey!

  3. So cute. We get together with our neighbors for craft time...this is a great idea!

  4. This is soooo cute! I love how colorful the ribbons are.

  5. This is simply just precious. I came through from an old link up through the stART.