Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Indian Corn Crafts

We made a few Indian Corn related crafts today.  I've decided to extend the harvest theme into the first part of this week and then later in the week we will delve into turkeys.  But back to the Indian corn.  First off, Eva used her paint dabbers to make the kernels on some ears of corn I drew on yellow card stock.
Then Eva cut some strips from brown packing paper we had in our scrap box to use as the husks.  I cut out the ears and she glued them together.
Next she glued on the husks.  (Notice how she doesn't let go of those scissors- they are her favorite thing to play with lately!)
Ta-da!  Indian corn!
We also used an actual ear of Indian corn to paint with.  To begin, I dripped different fall colored paints onto a sheet of paper.  (We put the paper in a shoe box top just in case the ear rolled away.)
Then Eva rolled the Indian corn around in the box to spread the paint.
The ear got quite a bit of paint on it so we put another piece of paper in the box to paint on.
Eva's hands got pretty messy doing this so she asked for another piece of paper to make handprints on.  I love how her little fingerprints look like kernels too!
We hung up one of the masterpieces with the Indian Corn craft on the Roman shades.
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