Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Harvest Sensory

Our sensory/exploration area had gotten quite crowded with all the fun Halloween games so it was nice to pack it all away and put out just a few things for harvest.  Every week when we go grocery shopping or stop by the farmers market, Eva requests a gourd.  We have built up quite a collection so I laid them out on a tray.  Later in the week we will sort them by various attributes, but for now they are out to touch and examine.
Our turkey, Mr. Gobbles, is keeping watch over them.  I also packed away the Halloween cookie cutters leaving just pumpkins and turkeys to stamp in the pumpkin pie play dough.  Eva can also use Indian corn to make some neat impressions in the dough.
Finally I replaced the spooky sensory tub with a simple harvest one.  Drawing on Counting Coconuts tub from last year, I filled it with popcorn kernels.  I added some funnels and a few measuring spoons to use as scoops.
It's pretty basic but Eva played with it non-stop for almost an hour when I set it out!  She even figured out how to get the funnels to balance in the kernels.
(Check out her cool stamp- she got that for being a good listener at dance today and couldn't be prouder.)
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  1. This is such a great idea! I love it. Especially rolling the Indian Corn to make impressions in the play dough-- Brilliant!

  2. My daughter has been doing a ton of work with corn and cornstalks at preschool and she loves it. I have been meaning to try out some of their activities at home.
    Love the playdough idea.