Thursday, November 4, 2010

Puffy Paint Gourds

We whipped up a batch of homemade puffy paint like we saw here.  I thought it was really cool but Eva did not want to touch it so she used a paintbrush.
Her hands never once touched the stuff but that did not prevent her from adding a little drama to the painting.
She cried the entire time that she didn't want to touch it but she wouldn't give up painting with it either.  Oh the trials and tribulations of being an artist.
She did manage to paint on three different colored papers and when they were dry, we cut out some gourd shapes.
We have them hanging on our window (who knew Roman shades would make such great display areas!)
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  1. That puffy paint looks awesome! I'm sorry Eva didn't like it.

  2. I literally just said yesterday, "Luke we need to buy some puffy paint." I am sorry to ask the obvious - but did you just add food coloring to your glue/shaving cream mix? And did you use construction paper (she says it needs heavy paper, but it looks like you went with regular construction paper)? Totally doing this on Monday!

    Still waiting for your draft! :)

  3. Kristi- I added paint for the color and used cardstock (I buy the packs of different colors at JoAnns). I scrapped the first draft and now I'm doing something a little different. You will be the first to see it!