Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let the Planting Begin!

This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous so we spent a lot of time outside getting our gardens ready for planting.  Eva has been anxious to start growing her vegetables so I broke out some of the seed starters she has accumulated over the past few months and she went to ton making the dirt and planting the seeds.
We also direct sowed our carrot, lettuce and pea seeds.  We had so much fun building bamboo teepees for our pea plants (and later, green bean plants) to grow up.
(We live in the city so we take advantage of any bit tof garden space we can find!)
As soon as the seeds were in the ground, Eva began asking when they would grow.  We made a little chart to keep by the back door with our guesses as to what would sprout first.
Now everyday when we go outside, we check to see if anything has sprouted.  It is so exciting!


  1. That IS very exciting and we can't wait to do some planting with Emily once we can find some free time! ;) Right now she's most eager to watch her caterpillars morph into butterflies.

  2. This is so cute! Love the bean teepees. So cute. We have lots of seeds sprouting inside right now and are just waiting for the last cold nights to pass us before we can plant them outside.
    Great gardening post!

  3. Absolutely a mind-cheering post you dropped here for us. Planting something in the garden or outside the house really a thrilling event. I always love to plant different type of food trees and also big tree to enjoy the green environment and to sit down the shadow of the big trees. This is totally an inexpressible feelings surely. Just got through your "planting begin" adventure and impressed how the seeds were being sowed. The cute baby also snatched my love. Anyway, to keep any garden healthy, well growing and beautiful what is the best time for Tree removal?