Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Egg Magnets

A while back, Eva went to a bug class at our science museum and made a cute lady bug magnet.  The shape of them reminded me of eggs so I decided to recreate the project to use as an Easter gift.  To begin we added water to some plaster of paris and then scooped it into plastic spoons.
Then Eva dropped a magnet into each spoon.  (Be careful if you are using strong magnets- they will attract each other if the spoons are too close.)
When the plaster was dry, I popped them out and rubbed the edges to get rid of any rough parts and then Eva painted them.
We let that dry and then Eva decided her eggs needed polkadots.  Using the opposite end of a paint brush, she dipped it in paint and dabbed onto the eggs.
Now we have a collection of Easter egg magnets to pass out on Easter Sunday to our family and friends!


  1. Those are delightful! I will have to steal your idea! Do you mind if I use it as a guest post in my blog?

  2. Thanks Ladies! Kari- you most definitely can!

  3. These are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

    Check out our giveaway if you're interested! ;)

  4. Oh those are so cute. What a neat project. Past Easter now but I love the ladybug idea!