Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun with Plastic Easter Eggs

This year, instead of coming up with activities for Eva to do with plastic eggs, I gave her a basket full of them and let her creativity guide her.  Each day she has come up with something to do with them.  She has used eggs tongs to transfer them from the basket to a tray.
When she got bored with that, she dumped the eggs on the floor and then used the tongs to collect them again.
Here's a list of a few other Easter egg activities she came up with:
*  hide the eggs and then find them again (great training for Easter egg hunts!)
*  open the eggs and see what will fit inside (she's tried everything from dinosaurs to crayons to buttons)
*  put something in an egg and have someone else guess what it is by shaking it
*  sort eggs by color
*  sort eggs by size
*  roll eggs to see which ones will go the farthest
*  put small objects in two eggs and use as shakers to make music


  1. Where did you get those bunny tongs? The preschool teacher at my school would L.O.V.E them!

  2. Thanks for the great Easter Egg Tong Game idea! We are playing it with salad tongs. Thanks!!

  3. My mom found the tongs at The Christmas Tree Shop- they were $1- can't beat that!

  4. I love the thongs! I love all the activities she came up with to use them for.