Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bunny Garland

Eva decided we needed a garland for on our fireplace and only bunnies would do!  I love the peeps garland that Dana at Made created last year and used her template for the bunny shape.  I traced the bunny onto pink, yellow and purple card stock and I thought it would be cute for Eva to use a cotton ball to paint a tail on each one but she has plans of her own.  She decide the bunnies needed to be completely covered in white paint and that only a paint brush would do the job.  This was her craft so I let her call the shots!
When they had all been covered in paint (notice how her method changed from painting individual bunnies to just covering the paper with paint!) we added some glitter and when everything was dry, I cut them out.  Eva then decided on the pattern (yellow, purple, pink) and laid them out on the floor.  I taped them to some ribbon and hung them up.  Now we have a festive Easter decoration that Eva can truly call her own!


  1. Very cute! Sometimes it's hard for me, (when I know I'm going to use something as a decoration) to let W do it his way, but it always turns out great, just like your daughter's craft!

  2. Cute!! We are doing an Easter birthday party.. so we might just have to do this to decorate!!