Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Painting

Seeing as spring rolled in with a snow storm, we needed something to perk things up a little.  Eva decided she wanted to paint a flower picture on her easel and I am loving how all of the sudden her paintings actually look like something.  I am a total nerd when it comes to child development and I am just amazed how children grow and change so this picture will definitely be going in the "keep" pile!
See that green and yellow thing at the bottom?  That's a bee- isn't it the cutest you've ever seen?  Next to it is a flower and some baby bees (the little yellow dots).  The blue is sky and the yellow spotted blob floating in it is a bunch of bees shedding their skin (guess who learned about molting in her bug class?).  And of course no spring picture is complete without a giant red T-Rex.


  1. That bumble bee is adorable!!!!!!!!!

  2. I alwasy love your posts! been follwing you for a while! =)

  3. What a little artist! I love it.