Monday, March 7, 2011

Mardi Gras Activities

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday and we have a fun day planned!  We will be kicking off the day with some yummy doughnuts for breakfast.  Eva picked out a chocolate frosted one covered with sprinkles when we were grocery shopping today and she can't wait to give it a taste!  We'll also be having a New Orleans staple for dinner- jambalaya- yum!

Other fun Mardi Gras things to do:
*  Throw on some beads and grab your masks for a masquerade.  Add some fun music and you've got a dance party!
*  Use those beads for painting.  Dip a string of them in your favorite color paint and then drag them around on paper or toss them in a box top lined with paper and shake them up.
*  Grab some musical instruments (or make your own, like we did last year) and you can be your own rag-time band!
*  Many folks enjoy a king's cake on Mardi Gras and it's good luck to find the baby hiding in the cake.  Play hide and seek with a baby doll and bring on the luck!