Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bugs Glorious Bugs!

Eva has been taking a class about bugs at our science museum and brought home some really cute crafts!  Last week she made a thumbprint caterpillar
and a fun ladybug magnet who now hangs out with her letters.
The ladybug was made by filling a plastic spoon with plaster and then pushing a magnet into it.  When it was dry it slid right out of the spoon and Eva was able to paint it red and then add spots and a face.
This week was all about butterflies.  The teachers wrapped a few kids up in toilet paper so they could be like caterpillars in a chrysalis and then they broke out- Eva thought it was hysterical but wouldn't try herself.  They also made this to show the stages of the butterfly's life cycle using different pastas:
Eva also got to meet a few bugs up close including a tarantula
and a vinegaroon (a cousin of the scorpion).

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  1. That is so neat! Love the pasta. I've never seen the ladybug project (spoon,plaster and magnet) before!