Thursday, October 21, 2010

stART- Baby Bat's Lullaby

Baby Bat's Lullaby
This sweet, simple rhyming text by Jacquelyn Mitchard is perfect for the preschool crowd.  It introduces facts about bats in the form of a mother bat's lullaby to her darling little bat.
After reading it we made our own bat book.  Eva has really shown an interest lately in reading books herself so this simple text is one she can read independently.  Each page has a phase of the moon (Eva reminded me that the moon is also nocturnal!) and the number of bats on the page.  Once I had the pages all set, Eva used a bat cookie cutter to stamp the correct number of bats on each page.
Then we set them aside to dry.
While they were drying, Eva used up the extra black paint by creating her own masterpieces on different colored papers.
To make the book I used a hole punch to make a hole in the corner of the pages and then tied a loop of curling ribbon to hold it all in place.
Now Eva can read her own bat story!
I also used the abstract paintings Eva made with the leftover paint to make a colony of bats to decorate our window with.  I was inspired by Dana over at MADE (you have to see hers- she went all out!).
For ours I just folded the paintings in half and then drew half bats along the fold, cut them out and taped them to the window.


  1. Aaaaahhh, such a cute craft and SO EFFECTIVE! Lovely!

    The book sounds v cute too!

    Thank you very much for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!!


  2. Love her little book, that is such a great idea! And the bats in the window are adorable too!

  3. I will have to find a copy of this book, it sounds very good. Nice projects!

  4. I LOVE the book idea! It is adorable :-)I'm sure Eva will read it tons and tons of times!!

  5. Now, we haven't read this book, but it looks like one we would adore! I LOVE all of the book titles we get from you:-)--thank you!