Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkin Exploration Station

As you can see pumpkins are a big part of our calendar this month.  Each day Eva checks the pattern to see whether it will be a leaf day or a pumpkin day.  After putting the date on we sing our days of the week song and then do our poem of the month using the big stuffed pumpkin:
Pumpkin, pumpkin big and round
I'm glad you grow upon the ground
For if you grew up in a tree
You might fall and land on me! 
(the stuffed pumpkin bonks us on the head at the end- giggles all around!)
The sensory tub has been made a little spookier, filled with black beans; black and orange yarn pom poms; black, green, purple and orange sparkly pom poms and Halloween erasers.
This game allows Eva to practice her fine motor skills by pinching pom poms with tongs and placing them in a pumpkin ice cube tray.  She also gets to make patterns with the colors.
Using a bunch of plastic pumpkins, Eva is able to sort them according to size.  This is a favorite already!
Finally, I made a letter matching game by writing upper case and lower case letters on pumpkins left over from the calendar.  I also found stickers of things that start with the letters.
Eva has to find the letters that go together and the picture that starts with the letter.
She did great with it and when Daddy came down from work, she dragged him over to play it again with her.
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  1. I love you're sensory tub. Way too many cute ideas!

  2. So many great ideas. I love that letter matching. I also love the bonking pumpkin. That's just the kind of thing my boys find hilarious! Glad to meet up with another RR teacher :)

  3. Love how you combined everything into common theme! :) Following your blog from now on! :)

  4. What a wonderful array of pumpkin activities.

  5. Great variety and we love hearing that the game was such a hit it had to be played with Daddy too! We featured you in tomorrow's post:)