Monday, October 4, 2010

Fire Safety Week

It's National Fire Safety Week so we will be learning all about fire engines, fire fighters and how to be safe around fires.

F is for Fire- we'll transform tissue paper into flames for this craft

Shape Fire Engine- what shapes will we need to make a fire truck?

Fire Helmet- every little fire fighter needs a helmet of their own

Fire Station Open House- in honor of Fire Safety Week, our local fire house will be open for us to explore

Escape Routes- we will practice getting out of the house quickly and we will select a meeting spot to all go to in case of a fire

Firefighter Ted Alphabet Rescue This Is the Firefighter Firefighters to the Rescue Firefighters A to Z Even Firefighters Hug Their Moms Miss Mingo and the Fire Drill Flashing Fire Engines 


  1. We're observing Fire Safety week, too! We are making the shape fire truck tomorrow, then going to the library to eat a fire truck! Should be fun!

  2. I love Fire Safety week. Who does not love firetrucks.

    I a would love it if you linked to the crow project.