Monday, May 24, 2010

Toot Toot Strum Strum Bang Boom

In preparation for Memorial Day and the parades that come along with it, we will be learning about musical instruments this week.  Get ready for some noise!

Large Motor Activities
Parading- we can't talk about parades without marching, so we will be practicing our band moves

Small Motor Activities
Many of the instruments we will be making will require us to use our fine motor skills to create music.

Coffee Can Drum- thankfully Daddy just finished a big can of coffee so we will be able to make a nice drum

Tissue Box Guitar- allergy season has left us with a few empty boxes that we will transform into strumming instruments

Pie Pan Tambourine- I remember making these fun shakers as a kid and I hope Eva enjoys them as much as I did

Jar Lid Castanets- these little instruments are easy to make but require some good fine motor skills to play

Patriotic Streamer- we'll be making a special decoration to honor those who have fought for our country
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