Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bugs Don't Bug Us!

Well, actually they do.  I have never been a fan of creepy crawlers or flying things but I have tried really hard to not let Eva know.  It seems that trait is hereditary no matter how I try to repress it.  So in order to stop the shrieking and wailing whenever an insect comes near, I thought it might help to learn more about them so this week will be all about bugs.

Small Motor Activities
Build-a-Bug felt board- this fun set will allow Eva to match the front and back of bugs or create new creatures.

Grab the Bugs- Eva will use tweezers and chopsticks to move creepy crawlers from one container to another

Large Motor Activities
Butterfly Dancing- we will be using scarves to pretend we have wings and can flutter like butterflies to music

Symmetrical Butterflies- we will be using paint to make these beauties as seen on Meet the Dubiens awesome site (her photography is amazing!)

Pom Pom Caterpillars- we'll be creating fuzzy little friends using pom poms and popsicle sticks

Paper Plate Ladybug- those red plates from Eva's birthday will get some more use as we transform one into a lovely ladybug

Handprint Spider on a Glittery Web- Eva's hands will make a spider and glitter glue will make the dewy web

Ants on a Log- we'll make this classic using celery, cream cheese and raisins

Worms in the Dirt- we'll be combining chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos and gummy worms to make this messy but so yummy snack

Other Activities
Butterfly Garden- we will visit the butterfly garden at our local children's museum and hopefully there won't be any nightmares after (one landed on her the last time we went thus spawning several sleepless nights)

Lifecycle of a Butterfly Sequencing- we will be putting sequence cards in the correct order to see how a butterfly starts as an egg and changes as he grows

Beetle Bop Inch by Inch Very Hungry Caterpillar Very Busy Spider, The The Very Quiet Cricket The Grouchy Ladybug Be Nice to Spiders The Very Lonely Firefly Bow-Wow Bugs a Bug Bob and Otto Diary of a Worm Diary of a SpiderDiary of a Fly Waiting for Wings The Butterfly Alphabet The Butterfly Alphabet Book (Jerry Pallotta's Alphabet Books)The Eensy-Weensy SpiderMiss Spider's Abc Book I Like Bugs (Step-Into-Reading, Step 1) Bugs, Beetles, and Butterflies (Easy-to-Read, Puffin)Dot & Jabber and the Big Bug Mystery  Bug Safari 

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