Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little Drummer Girl

Eva is a big fan of drums.  Daddy's Rock Band game probably has a lot to do with that!  She started young!
I saved one of Daddy's coffee cans to make into a drum and she has been playing it long before we even decorated it.  Yesterday we finally fancied it up.  To start, I cut a piece of paper from our big roll of paper to fit around the outside of the can and Eva decorated it with markers.
(That's our dog Woofer snoozing in the background.)
Then I cut a piece of clear contact paper to also fit the can and Eva placed red, silver and blue stars on it.
I used the contact paper to wrap the other paper around the can.  The contact paper was a little taller than the height of the can so it could fold under the lid and the bottom.  Pop the top back on and you've got a groovy drum.
Play away!


  1. Great idea! The sunglasses are adorable! I stopped by from ABC/ glad I did...I'm your newest follower.