Saturday, October 22, 2011

Autumn Art

Our local library hosted an Autumn Art Show and all the children who visit the library were encouraged to submit a piece of artwork to hang in the gallery.  I had found some leaf and pumpkin doilies at the dollar store and Eva and I decided to use them to make her artwork.  She started by painting an entire sheet of sturdy white paper (we used cardboard) with watered down glue.  Then she placed the doilies all over the paper.  We added another layer of glue (I had to help a little here as some of the doilies started folding over) and another layer of doilies.  We ended with a final layer of glue and then Eva sprinkled everything with glitter.
Yesterday we received a call that Eva had been awarded First Place in the art show!
I love how this turned out and I'm thinking of having Eva make another one on canvas to keep as a fall wall hanging for our home.

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  1. Well done Eva!! That is super good news and a wonderful activity!!