Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First Day of Preschool

I have a preschooler!  I can't believe my little baby is in school already.  The past three+ years have just flown by.  Eva was so excited to go to school this morning.  I made her purple pancakes for breakfast (her favorite color) and even though the color wasn't dark enough she ate them up.
Then she got dressed in the outfit she picked out special for today and bounced around the driveway waiting for it to be time to go.  She was so excited!
Once there, she found her hook
and then she was off to play with her new friends.
The best part- no tears from either of us!  (Although I'm sure I'll shed a few on Thursday when I actually have to leave her there!)
When we got home I had her draw a picture of herself.  I plan on having her do this at the beginning (and possibly the end) of each school year to see how she changes and grows.  I must warn those who are faint of heart- Eva is in her nudist phase.  All of her drawings are naked because according to her she "doesn't know how to draw shirts."


  1. That's a really well detailed drawing!! I teach Kindergarten and have so many entering Kinders who don't draw with that much detail! You can really tell a lot about a child's mental processes by their art work. Good Job, Momma!!

  2. Love the nudie picture! I can't believe how well she is drawing and writing already. Way to go mom!!