Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dancing Dragon Puppet

This morning we made a dancing dragon puppet.  We began with a big foam heart and several foam heart stickers.  Eva arranged them to make the dragon's face.
We then added a craft stick to the back and some streamers.  (I tried just taping the streamers to the back with packaging tape but it did not stick well to the foam so I ended up hot gluing them on.)
Eva is loving dancing with her special dragon!
We also read a book about Chinese dragons and the Chinese New Year.  This book is perfect for the toddler/preschool crowd- simple explanations and beautiful pictures.
D Is for Dragon Dance 
(You can always click on any books shown for more info.)
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  1. Great book! We made a dragon puppet craft today, too! I taped streamers to B's and thought I was so creative....looks like I wasn't as original as I thought, lol!

  2. Cute Craft + Cute Kid = Cute Post!

  3. aaaah what a cute (piggy?) dragon? I love the streamers and that it is made all from hearts!

    Kids Get Crafty

  4. Really cute! I like that it's not as scary looking as a traditional dragon.

  5. I love how that's made out of hearts, how incredibly cute.

  6. My daughter would have loved playing with that.

    Coming through from stART

  7. Great idea! We made a dragon earlier but didn't think to make one out of hearts! I shared this on twitter (@CandaceApril) and facebook (Naturally Educational).

  8. This is so great. Looks like Eva had a blast, both making it and playing with it. Awesome!