Friday, February 4, 2011

Chinese Zodiac Matching Game

Eva loves playing matching games and they are super easy to make.  For this one I used red card stock and some animal stickers.  We only made 8 of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs- tiger, pig, monkey, rat, dog, rabbit, rooster and horse- because I couldn't find stickers for dragon, snake, oxen and ram.  Eight pairs tends to be a good amount to play with at this age so it worked out.
Eva was really interested to find out what year she was born in- the year of the pig and that mommy was born in the year of the tiger and daddy, the year of the rooster.  She found a match of mommy's year!


  1. Oh that is very cute and that is a wonderful way to celebrate Chinese New Year. What a great idea. Would really help you remember the zodiac signs!

    Thank you for linking up!!


  2. Love matching games at this house too. But I have never thought of using stickers before to make my own. So clever. Thanks for sharing.