Sunday, January 22, 2012

Outdoor Play Every Day

We have joined up with our friends at Greening Sam and Avery and pledged to get outside every day this year.  The weather has definitely been working in our favor!  The first half of January was extremely mild for us (especially since we live in the city that ranked number 2 in the nation for most snowfall each year!).  Eva has been riding her tricycle and even having snack outside.
We knew we couldn't avoid the snow forever and now that it's here, we are still out playing!  We've been taking hikes in our neighborhood park, sledding, and making tons of snow angels.
We even built a fire in our fire pit one night and toasted marshmallows by the light of the moon.
Want to join us in our pledge to get outside every day?  Stop by Greening Sam and Avery (today Abbie is hosting a link-up if you have some outdoor fun to share) and let's play outside every day!


  1. We just built a fire too! We should absolutely do that in the evening with marshmallows too. What a great idea. Those snow angels are adorable.
    Thanks so much for sharing the 2012 goal and for joining the outdoor play party!

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