Friday, December 9, 2011

Craft A Day 'Til Christmas: Day 8: Garland Wreath

We had so much fun making this craft we even made some for Eva's cousins!  We used a styrofoam wreath form, garland, a wooden initial, some paint and ribbon.  To begin, Eva painted each of the initials.
While they were drying, we started wrapping the garland around the wreath form.  I used a straight pin to secure the end of the garland to the wreath and then wrapped it tightly around.  It took two 18' lengths of garland to cover each wreath.  I secured the ends again with a straight pin (I also found that a staple works too if you get a particularly stubborn end like I did).  We tied a ribbon around the top for hanging and then another ribbon onto to that to hot glue the initial to.  Eva has rightfully claimed her wreath and hung it on her bed post- she loves how sparkly it is (and now silver is her favorite color)!

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