Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sponge Balls

It seems like everyone is making these this summer so we couldn't be left out of the fun!  They are so easy to make- cut two or more sponges into 4 strips each and then tie tightly in the middle.  I bought 3 four packs of basic sponges and we made 6 balls.  Then we came up with fun things to do with them.  First I placed a hula hoop on the driveway and Eva tried to throw the balls into the hoop.
After doing that for a while, we played catch with them- be sure to soak them first for more fun!  We also threw them up as high as we could to see what kinds of splats they would make.  Eva came up with another fun thing to do them- squeezing them over your head.
Have you made sponge balls yet?  If so, what have you done with them?

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