Saturday, June 11, 2011

Garden News

A while back I posted about the beginning of our garden for the year.  Since then, seeds have been sprouting and other veggies and herbs have been planted.

Our peas have shot up and have blooms.  We can't wait for the pods to appear.  Last year not many peas made it out of the garden.  Eva would pick them as soon as they appeared and eat them right in the yard!
The carrots have also been growing away and we should soon have a harvest.
Here are a few of the other plants we have growing in our kitchen garden:

Tomatoes- Roma and cherry with lemongrass and dill in the planter
Eggplant (with two little guys starting to grow!)
Peppers- jalapenos, poblanos, habaneros, cubanelles and cayennes
Parsley and cilantro
Basil and purple basil
Oregano and rosemary
Sage and marjoram
Butternut squash
And for the first time, we are trying an upside down tomato plant.
Our roses are also blooming beautifully!
And my favorite flower- peonies!
What do you have growing in your garden?


  1. Amazing! That is a beautiful garden. Our's is in full "bloom" too right now with everything growing fast. Sam and Avery are loving all the changes and even the weeding that we have to do right now!

  2. Oh, your yard looks so so gorgeous. The green plants with blooming flowers made the yard colorful and inviting. I love your gardening ideas and innovation. Anyway, for the readers from GTA if they think of replacing an old garden shed, landscape-designer may be the one-stop place for them.