Monday, May 16, 2011

Hippity Hopping

I love that Eva is at the age to start enjoying playing hopscotch!  We drew a simple 1-10 one on the driveway the other day (with the words "go" and "stop" on each end since she is starting to read them).  Eva loved hopping from number to number and even practicing counting backward.
I also drew a bunch of circles and she pretended that they were lily pads and she was a frog.  So much fun!
The options for hopscotch are endless!  You could put letters in boxes (or circles) to jump to in order to practice letter recognition, alphabetical order or even spelling words.  Shapes or colors would be fun to jump to also.  Or you could just ask your little one what they would like to jump to- that's how we came upon the lily pad idea.  Have fun hopping!


  1. This was actually one of the ways that my son learned his vowels! We did the same lily pad idea in chalk down our driveway -- and as we stepped on each letter, we'd call it out. A,e,i,o,u... u,o,i,e,a... it got so stuck in his head that he sung that little rhythm for weeks! Great exercise for little hoppers, too.

  2. This looks like fun!
    Hopscotch is just such a timeless classic - for such good reasons!
    These are nice pictures, it looks like a happy day.