Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Greetings Earthlings

Today Eva was transformed into a creature from outer space.  We made this cute alien headband using green and white paper, pink pipe cleaners and markers.  To start, I cut two strips of green paper and two circles.  Eva decorated them with markers.  (I got a new pack of Crayola markers at Walgreens for $3 and after a $3 rebate they were free!)
The circles will become part of the alien's eyes.  I cut out two white circles to also be part of the eyes and Eva drew the iris on each.
We then glued the eyes together.
I curled the pipe cleaners around one of the markers and stapled an eye to each.  Next I stapled the other end of the pipe cleaner to the green strips.  Finally I fitted the headband to Eva's head.  Apparently even aliens say "cheese" when they see a camera.
We also created a night sky in our exploration station.  I covered the window seat with white paper that we colored with all sorts of blue, black and purple crayons. 
Eva has been adding start stickers to the sky.  We have been counting them all together and counting how many there are of each color.  Later in the week, I may connect a few to make our own constellations (if they aren't all in a straight line like they are now.)
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