Monday, August 9, 2010

Fruits and Veggies

Eva has always been a huge fan of fruits and veggies so she has been enjoying all the wonderfully tasty treats we have been getting from our garden.  We did focus a little on them during our garden week but I thought it would be fun to revisit fruits and vegetables now that they are in such abundance.

Fruit and Veggies Prints- Eva had so much fun the last time we tried these so we'll do again using different fruits and veggies

Fruit Dyes- we'll be squishing some of our favorite fruits to produce dyes to paint with

Scrap Bin Vegetables- using scraps and other found items we'll create some fancy veggies


Lifecycle of Vegetables- in this sequencing activity Eva will be able to see how the plants in our garden went from seed to table

Farmer's Market- we'll head to the local market to collect some favorites and maybe even some new fruits to try

Shopping Checklist- we'll create a checklist using pictures for Eva to use to help me make sure we get all the produce we need on our trip to the farmer's market

Fruit Salad- Eva will once again get to practice her knife skills as we chop and dice fruit to make a tasty and healthy treat

Pumpkin (Watch it Grow) Eating the Alphabet: Fruits & Vegetables from A to Z (Harcourt Brace Big Book) Growing Vegetable Soup (Books for Young Readers) One Red Apple Budgie & Boo Princess Picky (Single Titles) Lily'S Garden, Lb (Single Titles) How Are You Peeling? (bkshelf) (Scholastic Bookshelf) One Potato: A Counting Book of Potato Prints Oliver's Vegetables The Vegetables We Eat 

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  1. Looks like ya'll are going to have tons of fun. I never thought about using the juice from fruit to paint with. Great idea!