Thursday, August 12, 2010

Berry Painting (& a Shopping List)

We headed to the Public Market this morning to pick up some fresh produce for dinner and supplies for our berry painting project.  In preparation I made Eva a shopping list.  I only put four things on it as I didn't want it to be overwhelming and I think it was perfect.
We brought along a crayon and Eva marked the box next to each item as we found it.  She loved it!
Besides the items on the list we also picked up a variety of berries for making paint- blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and also some cherries.  When we got home Eva helped mash the berries through a strainer to make juice.
Then came the painting!  I poured a little of each color into an egg tray and Eva set out to make her masterpieces.
The blackberries and raspberries were the most vivid but everything faded when the paintings dried.  They are still pretty though.
I saved the extra "paint" by putting it in an ice cube tray and throwing it in the freezer.  Maybe some cold winter day we can defrost them and be reminded of the smells and colors of summer.
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