Thursday, December 1, 2011

Craft A Day 'Til Christmas: Day 1: Bow Wreath

We have officially kicked off our Craft a Day 'Til Christmas!  Today we made a bow wreath.  To prep, I cut out a wreath from cardboard and gathered some stick-on bows.  I was just going to have Eva slap the bows on the cardboard but she insisted the wreath needed to be green so she colored it a bit first.
Then she peeled the backings off the bows and stuck them to the wreath.  If your child is as obsessed with stickers as mine is, this will be pure joy!
When she was done, I reinforced the bows with a few staples because they were starting to pop off.  (Eva squeezed a ton of bows onto the wreath.  If you do less yours may stick better on their own.)  Then I added a ribbon for hanging and now we have something festive to brighten our door!
Happy Crafting!!!


  1. I love it :) I think my daughter would really enjoy this too!

  2. This is such a cute idea! I love the idea of a craft a day until Christmas... I wish I was that organized! I look forward to seeing your posts.