Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentines for the Birds

The other day (when there was still snow on the ground) we decided to make Valentines for the birds.  I cut out hearts from some cardboard and Eva turned them into treats by spreading shortening on them and then sprinkling on bird seed.

We added some ribbon for hanging and then went out to decorate a tree with them.
Eva helped by sprinkling some of the extra seed around the tree for the birds (and squirrels).
Seeing as they disappeared from the tree that night, either we have some very hungry (and strong) birds or some other critters got a little treat.  All that matters is there are a few less hungry animals in our neighborhood!


  1. How adorable! What a cutie you have!

    I can't wait to do things like this with my children someday :)

  2. Your little one is sweet. I remember those days. I was lucky enough to job share and have them at my school with me. Now one of them just went to middle school this year and my little man is still with me at the elementary school. Come by and visit my new blog...I write about teaching and motherhood. I think you'll like it. :o)
    Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After